Founder’s Vision

Founder’s Vision

Founder's vision of the best panchkarma centre in greater noida

आरोग्यं परमं भाग्यं- Health is the ultimate fortune

Radhika Ayurveda Center is the consciousness center of Indian rituals, culture and ancient Indian medicine system. A healthy body is  greatest wealth because all the resources of the world are attained through this ultimate means called a healthy body.

Girdharilal Sharma

Founder, Radhika Ayurveda Center
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Radhika Ayurveda Wellness Center, established to provide health benefits by Indian Ayurveda and allied therapies, just 7 to 10 minutes away from Pari Chowk, Greater Noida, which gives a feel like a delightful forest and a small hill station, amidst greenery on a huge piece of land on the banks of the River Hindon. It is such a wonderful place that you will not be able to believe that you are in Delhi NCR.
Today it seems very difficult to find time for yourself in the daily hustle and bustle of city life. In such a scenario becoming unhealthy physically and stressed mental nature is not a matter of surprise, but believe me, this condition is our own creation, which can be improved with just a little effort of our. Everything began with thinking.

As most of the major Ayurvedic centers are away from Delhi, it is difficult and impractical for you to take out time and go there. In view of this dilemma and difficulty of yours, the popular saying – start from where we are, as we are. Your dream of a healthy life should not be postponed, keeping this in mind, we have established Radhika Ayurveda Wellness Center near you. That’s it.

Our Motto

An ascetic life of saint cannot be expected from every householder, but we must follow a basic healthy life. Most of the people think that the Indian lifestyle is like living a life of ascetics, but just twenty-five to forty years ago, the food habits and living conditions of most of the Indians revolved around this ancient Indian norm.
Waking up early in the morning, going to bed early at night, eating pure and freshly prepared food, chewing food thoroughly, doing a lot of physical exertion, eating coarse grains, exercising, doing yoga, walking, eating seasonal fruits and vegetables are some of the foundations of life. Which used to be a daily routine for every Indian. Due to which we rarely used to suffer from any serious disease before the age of 70 years and the problems related to small unhealthy conditions were cured by home remedies only. This traditional Indian medicine method is not even that difficult as it is being shown by some people.
Our goal is that you can easily get this divine medicine and counseling near you and enjoy this human life with God to the fullest.
Suitable for you, we have prepared all types of weekend and 7, 14 and 21 day packages for your benefit.


Radhika Ayurveda Center

Discover a healthier, happier you with Radhika Ayurveda Centre. Our mission is to prevent the deeper ailments that may trouble you, with the power of Ayurveda and Natural Therapy.

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